The Secret Wars of the CIA – John R. “Bob” Stockwell

Posted: April 17, 2012 in Lectures

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Former CIA Case officer, and former NSC member, USMC Major (Ret.) John R. “Bob” Stockwell talks about CIA and US fascist, so-called ‘shadow government’ and US foreign policy. Stockwell served 12 years in CIA and it consisted 7 tour of duties in 4 countries, incl.  in VIETNAM during Vietnam war. Before he resigned from CIA- he was CIA Angola Task force commander. After he resigned, he was awarded with CIA Medal of Merit. His resignation from CIA – was a economic suicide for him.  He came conclusion that CIA didn’t served interests of United States of America- or National Security of united states of America – vice versa, and that CIA was harmful for US. Also as right minded Christian, he thought CIA was immoral. I will write here later more about him after I have read his both non-fictional books about CIA and his career in CIA. John R. Stockwell is one of my icons. I see John Stockwell  as a US government and right-wing fascist, ‘liberal hawk’  JFK’s brainwashed (PSYOP:  “Ask not what your country can do for your, ask what you can do for your country”)  conservative which became first unconstitutional (= CIA/US gov)  and un-american (unconstitutional actions: CIA/US Gov. incl White House and NSC)  terrorist and terrorist leader under US flag –  and later great human, a learned from human – and a peacemakern whistleblower and true constitutional patriot  and a libertarian conservative – under US  flag and a greater man  – world widely. And if we seek a new motto for post-CIA Stockwell ,  what would be better than Orlando A. Batista’s quotation: “An error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.”  (which was also used by JFK). And error in this case is John serving in CIA , because CIA nor White House nor US government aren’t = USA and people of USA. Vice versa – they are the fascist US ‘Shadow Goverment’  (fascists which hijacked USA already 1913) whores, assassins, torturers, rapists, pimps and mass murderers of Wall Street banks and multinational corporations…armed with Weapons of Mass Destruction – which can become a smoking guns and mushroom clouds all over the world – under 45 minutes!

” Never do anything against conscience – even if the state demands it”

~ As quoted by Virgil Henshaw in Albert Einstein: Philosopher Scientist (1949)

DATE: November 3, 1989
PLACE: American University, Washington D.C, USA

WATCH IT: The Secret Wars of the CIA – by John R. “Bob” Stockwell

Lenght: 2 h 50 minutes

” Mr Reagan. I submit you that he is the most dangous man in the history of United States. I suggest that he has in fact defective mind “

~ John R.Stockwell, former CIA case officer and CIA Angola task force commander, about Reagan, in American University on November 3, 1989

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