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Din't your mom or dad never told you that it's not polite to point people with your finger! :) :D

Hi! I was born and raised in Finland.

And i’m still living in here (Fuck! ‘Fly me to the moon’ – I wanna see the rest of the word – I’m stuck in here! :D).

My country used to be a great country to live with nice (and thinking) people back in ’80s – a well working one of the most democratic capitalist state before NWO – but now it’s not, after Iraq war (2003) , after globalization, and after joining a EU* – and it’s shores, cities and forests are invaded by all kind of arrogant, ignorant, selfish and stupid and dangerous ‘errorist cells’ named : morons.

* Which is today a racist and fascits (foreign policy – not structure of economy. It’s still capitalist form) , pro-Neo-Nazi-fascist Christian right-wing fascists (and phony wealthy phony ‘left’ power elites) controlled and fucked up’ fundamentalist terrorist state (you’ll hear and see and you can read more about this in the future near) where majority of Finns are stupid conservative ‘forest jerks’ and racists (61%/2011).  I was once gullible, ignorant to think more – stupid to belief EU** agenda lobbying bought “experts”, and stupid – by believing gullible and an idealist – that EU could become some kind of a wayfarer – a model of democracy for the rest of the world (core of EU = today Fascist or racist Neo-Nazi-fascist NATO terrorist states – and IRAQ war liars + fascist IRAN suppressors)…and never really realized, then that the core of EU have been facscist for decades, and this never changed sicne days of Hitler and Mussolini (“thanks” for that goes to: fascist US and it’s fascist [today fascist & neo-Nazi fascist[1.] creation – NATO) .

[1.] ‘Waffen US NATOLANDERS’ – Coalition of willingly killing and drilling foreign volunteers. Needless NATO in NWO = US version of  al l what Waffen SS, Wehrmact and Luftwaffe foreign volunteers once also stood for (this icl. institute of holocausts [3.], lead and controlled by terrorist majority UN and its UN illegal neo-Nazi  fascist occupation[2.] “peacekeepers” (Fourth Reich and it’s NWO AXIS  ‘Hilfswilligers‘ – Hiwis in NWO).

[2.] = read: war crime, state sponsored terrorism, Nazism (blind violent nationalism), fascism, thievery, looting, torture, mass murders, holocaust

[3.] UN and Iraq Nazi starvation holocausts (USA, UK and NATO) 1991-2993, Rwanda Genoside 1994, Iraq Nazi invasion and UN resolution 1441 and not setting punishment or scantions for Nazi invaders [2002/2003]

[3.] UN biggest finncier  =USA. This is reality today in NWO, and it’s the same reality today as thinking partial theory of 1939 world, where Nazi Germany would want conquer an entire world – while at the same time it would be the biggest financier of already then existing UNITED NATIONS  (UN) and it’s “peacekeepers” in Nazi fascists invaded 1939 POLAND (equaling to neo-Nazi fascists invasion of Iraq war) . So UN today is one big joke – and it’s totally failed institution, (according the former UN workers also) which  should be either replaced – or abolished. And the new one should be supervised by tax payers established and supervised ‘oversight committees’ (same goes to all, many fraud and many today also needless fascist ‘intelligence’ agencies) – at global scale.

And Finland it’s also a fascist terrorists state among all other EU nations (Fascist sanctions with lies against IRAN*) which are also lying about real reasons of IRAQ war (PNAC/and the plans to invade IRAQ 1998) and connecting IRAQ to terrorism – and to 9/11/2001. My country do not also do not won’t to reveal the fact that war in Afghanistan (and Iraq, Iran etc) have never been fighting against terrorism, but a war for oil (100% Act of terrorism & Fascism by those who attacked to Afghanistan incl. World biggest terrorist org. ever – named NATO) and which was planned to start – already long time ago before 9/11/2001 attacks. And… by the way – ASK A QUESTION: ‘What Venezuela (oil/CIA oil Coup April11-12 2002) or Equatorial Guinea (oil/2004 coup plot: Mark Thatcher & Simon Mann) have anything to do with origin idea of ‘War on terror’ agenda? 😉

* Wolfowitz Doctrine, PNAC and the goals of ‘The Grand Chessboard’. Goals of Neoconservative (‘NeoCons’) Nazi war criminals and mass murdering terrorists, like Paul Wolfowitz (architect of IRAQ war) with other NeoCon Nazi war criminals and terrorist killers (with WMD’s) like John Bolton (architect of IRAN war/one of IRAQ war architects) from AEI (American Enterprise Institute) with other, PNAC etc Neo-Nazi-Fascist ‘Think Tank’ terrorist cell people – with their plans and goals of Pax Americana, new Roman Empire like tyranny – real 4th Reich.

[Here comes later to my new coming website related toblog telling how by adccientally became truth seeker, then dedicated investigator, and soon also author and documentary director]

I’m a man. Caucasian. I have been ‘black’ also 😀 When I was a kid, I was quite adventurer (and a wild one) – and when I was 5 years old – I did not remember enough well (partly only) story about how Coal can become a diamond – under long time tight pressure, – so once upon a time ago I founded coal (which was shining) from old house – and I picked all those “diamonds” to plastic bag which I founded also. And then all clothes black and my faces also – I run to show my ‘treasures’ to my mom, yelling (cheering also with a wide smile on my face) to her: We’re rich mom! We’re rich! 😀 Then I learned that being a black is not different from being white – especially if you aren’t rich…

I don’t believe a God or Gods which are always at vacation when daily needed (more than G.W. Bush) – and never there were needed (50.000.000 death: WWII /people from all religions + non religious people) . And which “greatness” are then, afterwards always glorified (of being away) . When I was kid I studied (I was kind of forced) Lutheran protestant form of Christianity 1½ years in school at age 6 and 7. Back then when I studied first times my school books – I was dumbfounded – speechless. I could not belief any stories I read . I literally asked then from myself : ” jesus…I don’t believe this!!! How on earth people, especially adults can belief this bullshit…men walking over water etc”. After those day – common sense of adults wasn’t anymore clear self-evidence for me. I thought as a kid, that Christianity (like all religions) was a like a fairytale without no logic and no common sense – imaginary story for those who likes fairy tales … I feel today that religions are nothing else that created control models in order either grab power (with arms) or to get money or taxes or to force or persuade people to certain form in order to benefit from this somehow. Religions are many times adopted and inherited from parents and from society where person is living – and sometimes religion is forced to adopt by parents or society. I feel that religion is some people like harmony, and comfort – and like a preemptive enjoyed (with or without wine) depression pill. Like a daily taken small Sacramental bread. My only God is myself – and a conscience, principles and morality and other virtues are the guardian of its greatness (if existing) and the body of man is the executor of its greatness (if existing). Man can be like God. All he needs is belief. Miracles on earth are not made by Gods – but men who belief that they can make changes – changes like miracles… If people wants to belief Gods – it’s OK to me. Free will: their life, their right to choose, their choices , their decisions. I respect that… and if it’s good for them – and it won’t bother anybody (forget nationalist racists/fundamentalists) – it can be good for others also – because its directly related to state of mind – and can affect positively as a form of stability. Go with your Gods and go with your Gurus and be happy and be as you are – as long as you won’t hurt anybody or force others to adapt your beliefs for others – everything is OK. Breed, take a bread, live in peace and die in peace. Amen.

DEMOCRACY VICTOR! I’ll See you at the Afterlife! (fingers crossed :D) pnacattack.afterlife@goodgodserver.god

Don’t take these too seriously – and beside Fundamentalists are exception. What is your believe is your believe – and that’s OK. And as long you are happy it’s good – just let others to be happy also and let them to belief invisible men (or women) they want to belief. Thinking RATIONALLY – and living in REALITY not in a world build by dreams an beliefs – It sounds lunatic to me – when I have to listen religious people fighting who’s invisible God is only existing God 😉 . I’m also smiling people who thinks that human is not Animal – today, after mid ’90s DNA test verification between monkey and homo sapient (SOURCE: TV News I saw at mid ’90s) already verified that 98% DNA of homo sapient was equal to monkey. And what is monkey? Answer is: animal. Belief and blind will to belief have been for centuries hundreds of millions people in world – than will to rethink issues, belief in facts proven or reason and common sense. During the existence of mankind, millions of people have had racist supremacy disillusions of their racial supremacy. Same way millions of people have had also belief of supremacy of human race over other living creatures on earth – blind beliefs and build beliefs that homo sapient is somehow like a different specie – than other animals. A belief that homo Sapient is like immortal specie – who have – only as long as man continues to belief an illusion of immortality – as long as coin is collected in churches – and sins are forgiven by men who calls themselves a holy men. Homo Sapient have unique gift – which other species do not have – it’s a realization (in many level) of our existence in this planet. I belief that gift is also our curse – when other species life’s their lives, and accepts of their faith – millions of humans – instead of accepting this tries to sell an idea for themselves and for others – and idea of ‘next’ place . Knowledge of existence (in many level) and knowledge of fact that human specie isn’t immortal – causes pain. Pain comes from the knowledge of existence and knowledge of that this life ends some day. And in many cases people with idea called: religion – is sold as fixer – fixing this inconvenient gap – with ‘Cinderella fairytale stories’ with promises of different path – like unbelievable good MEGA depression pill for those who do not want to accept inconvenient truth – but those who wants to walk a path of alternative reality. Usually children gets their belief models from their parents. So in many cases most of them do not have choices when they are kids, on which they would like to believe in. In many cases they are nothing else than more or less forced to belief a belief model – some decider or/with interest group have chosen for them behalf of them (not free will) – and they comes a part of long chain of brainwashed kids – from who – nobody have never asked generations after generations – on what they would like to belief in….

…Believing is YOUR will – your will is your freedom and right to believe issues you want to believe. Embrace, and protect your rights – and let others to believe what they want to believe – they should have the same rights as you have. You know… like that old saying goes: ” Do unto others as you would have them do unto you “ 😉

My Visions from the past:

When I was a kid I studied history of 3rd Reich. And when i came puberty I started to observe foreign policy issues between U.S. and USSR. My mom as a true Social Democrat (Capitalism with Social responsibility), was politically very active and she opposed illegal wars with lies – like war in Vietnam.

SPD (Weimar Republic) Poster 1932: Down Kings (Papen) +monarchy! Down Nazi-Fascists! (Hitler) Down Communists! (Thälmann) …Down Fascists, Down Dictators, and Down Tyrants also…and YES for Workers!… and Yes for Capitalism (IF, and when it’s a responsible form of Capitalism). according to these principles my mom taught her values for me. Social Democrats were THE BIGGEST group – opposers of Adolf Hitler & his Nazi-Fascists, and their policies in Weimar Republic.

My mom taught to me lot about thing which were close to all she stood for – like: democracy, liberty, integrity, decency, justice, freedom, respect, nobility and rightness . I was very interested in may things – foreign affairs related to maintaining peace and harmony at global scale was also one of those my interest areas. When I was teenager I was a visionary who wanted to become a Hollywood Director, or actor. At the age of 16 I believed that future vision is equal as oil wars after watched a movie with my mom and stepfather – a movie I rented – I said seriously to my mom (and not because it was movie) : “ This is the future of mankind I belief …” . My did not like my pessimist belief of future (dystopia). But I truly in my heart believed in. The name of the movie was…

Of course I was back then ‘also’ a thought criminal – and a ‘stupid conspiracy theorist’ – There is “no” Oil wars…

‘world is flat’, and Glenn Beck & O’Reilly are the voice of “wisdom” – icons of ‘just a “facts” ‘ “journalism”! 😀

….And I already knew that the 4th Reich would be USA, and that next religious nutcase Führer would become from Republican party (MARK MY WORDS: and it did!) – and one of my future belief of future USA came from observing lies of war mongers in Ronald Reagan and his administration *. And critically analyzing far right wingers in USA created systematic USSR disinformation as a form of MOVIES ( separating shit from Shinola: Observing reality of Rusty tanks in USSR and collapsing USSR empire and identifying Ronnie-likes far right-wing nuts – like Chuck Norris, Sylvester Stallone [my idol during that time] fear mongers and far right-wing Gun wackos ‘Red Dawn’ bullshit-like ‘reality’ movies about Dangers of USSR – 6 to 4 years before USSR collapsed 😉 ). One of my future vision of USA as age 15 came from the movie called: The Death Zone . In that movie – there a ‘Crazy’, arrogant Christian ‘Watergate’ (GOP) burglar-like violant asshole – and a President candidate named: Stilson – which would have later as president of United States of America launched a nuclear weapons to USSR – yelling: “Hallelujah!” Knowing then as a kid already well Reagan-likes those torturer-lovers – 10 commandments of bible violators – people, who funded terrorism and fascism in Central America – and called them freedom fighters 😀 ….looking’ back now….listening neoconservatives, their ‘Bombarella’ songs, knowing now what I know now… PNAC, Wolfowitz plans, and seeing USA full of Stillson-likes assholes, fundamentalist ‘abortion is bad ‘but if you kill a million for oil & God – ‘ it’s OK ‘-likes- ‘hockey moms’ and Beck-likes neo-nazi-fascists (60.000.000 neocons) hypocrite, arrogant, greed, violent, selfish – very much Stilson-likes assholes – just like wise General (The Battle of Bulge/’Wacht Am Rhein’) once said for people like them – NUTS! I thinks it’s fair to ask – how ‘wrong’ I was back then as a kid and as a visioneer about my visions about coming Ronnie-like hypocrites USA those Bushwackos – voterm ’04rons which ruined USA 😉


– Arrogant, violent and insane far-right wing  U.S. President Stillson (player by Martin Sheen)  in movie: “The Dead Zone (1983)”

( See later here my IRAN related link )

I Was only 15 then – but hey – I was right! My VISIONS came true! Really? – You Betcha! 😀

* YES! Those “Different” kind of greed rich, unconstitutionally weapons selling (Iran-Contra) torturer of Central American people – ‘I’m Contra terrorists!’-likes crooks (PARDONNED) with fear mongering Michael Ladeen-likes (once in Italy self studying Fascism – this NeoCon Nazi-fascist Nazi propagandist today who creates identical nazi propaganda among with David Horowitz etc Zionist far right-wing Jewish Neo-Nazis-Fascists about ISLAM, like once old Nazis did for Jews) ‘pre-NeoCon’ “terrorist experts” – pre-‘Tea Baggers’-like fascist Gun wackos & hypocrisy and brain farts loving EXTREMELY selfish and STUPID FASCIST Ronnie ‘revolutionists’ = “Stalinists-likes Mussolini-likes in Fascism: ‘I’m Socializing everything to me’ “patriots”‘ – un-American douche bag ‘rebels’ – whose only place should be at the bottom of the Boston Harbor – with a 2008 Bailout edition Tea Bags in their mouths with a text: ‘Shut the fuck up & Go down (and fast) with FED – you greed Bailout’08 elephants!’ – and themselves packed in small, their greed ‘mushoom asses’ suppressing tiny boxes (labelled with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae logos and with a Sign inside of box: “Home – sweet Bailout home”) 😉

And what did CIA own DECLASSIFED documentaries revealed when hey were published and analyzed by YLE (Finnish national broadcasting Company*/makers of MOT named documentary program) just before Millennium? As an example they revealed that USSR was never going to attack to Europe. Instead of that – they (CIA own intelligence analyses) revealed that USSR decided ONLY to maintain a DEFENCIVE position in Europe. The Collapse of USSR, DDR and WARSAW PACT and end of Cold war was a DISASTEROUS NEWS for NATO weapon manufacturers – and to biggest business of USA (US Military Industrial Complex: Enemy + Fear = Key= money).

* Christian fundamentalists Fascist media in NWO

When I was a kid I was a movie fanatic. I watched over 3000 movies . I saw a lot politically motivated made in USA propaganda movies focusing producing pure DISINFORMATION (interests of US military-industrial complex & NATO) . I learned so easily to identify so visible bullshit US far right wingers (incl. far right wing Zionists: Menahem Begin & Golan Globus) machines produced via Hollywood – all thanks to my mom who educated me to think, to ‘differ Shit from Shinola’ and not to fall gaps of Propaganda USA and west interest groups created – nor either to propaganda Communists produced. Critical observation was kind of keyword in this issue. Conscious curiosity since I was a kid, and interest to observe what’s going in the world, asking all the time question from myself – and when I needed answer – for the others ( 😀 mom: what’s that? And what’s that mom?…) – and then trying to analyze what I have seen or heard have been always part of me. And I have to thank myself also – because being a curios related to being interested of all kind of things since I was a kid – I learned to ask a questions and to know things. My mom taught me to keep mind open, and importance of trying to understand – instead of condemning. Condemning is something everybody is capable – but understanding… Well… that’s a ‘whole new ball game’. It’s harder. It takes time, caring and willingness. But at the end you will understand more about people and things and why things happens… and the ‘laws of reason and consequence’.

History of my relatives

WWII: Hitlers ‘War on with terror’ * (1923-1945)

* with Mussolini, Stalin, Hirohito etc

My grandfather was a Terrorist** – a German Luftwaffe Pilot (Obergefreiter / M.I.A.) from Darmstadt. He served or visited in Finland 1944, but he had to fly away before coming winter, at late 1944 – because Contitutional war (Finno-Russia War) between USSR and Finland ended – and Germany and Germans became after that an enemy of Finland – after peace agreement with Stalin-kind of Terrorist thugs in Moscow. So he had to go – because he became an enemy combatant. After WW II ended – he never came afterwards to see his 1945 born daughter. I guess he was those they call M.I.A. – Missing In Action. He knew when he left that he was going to be a father. But IF he would have had a family of his own in Germany already – after WWII, those days….things were so different and difficult. Not like today. If there would have been a like a 2 family situation (1 in Germany* and 1 on Finland) – those days there was only choice between one of them. Those were different times. Wide scale liberalism in we’re living today didn’t left too much room for choices which we can, and we are allowed to make today…Those were different times. According my grandmother he, my German grandfather was a very nice and good man.

* Destroyed, ‘bombed to stone age’ Germany

** Every single German who fought in WWII was a terrorist, because they served in armies which started many unjustified versions of war on aggression, war against peace, – and they started their FIRST war with terrorism named false flag terrorism operation – Operation Himmler in order to get ‘justified’ (casus belli) pretext for WWII. After that ALL Germans who served in Army of terrorism were terrorists – whether they wanted or not. And they DID NOT serve their country NOR justified defense against Act of terrorism – but they were terrorists in unjustified wars – with act of terrorism in their own. However – If they did not participated act of terrorism – they were still occupying terrorists or terrorists – because they were carrying a uniform of terrorists and weapon meant for use of atc of terrorism. Some of they were forced to join terrorists, some of them joined voluntarily – some of them did not had freedom to choose. But they all served the goals of terrorism, fascism and Nazism – even there mere many who didn’t wanted to serve those goals. Some of them said they fought there country – but that is a actually hypocrisy of lost invaders we have seen before WWII and after that… Because non of them did not fought for their country – they fought to serve goals of fascism, with policy of Nazism – whether they liked the fact or not. Man can always explain to himself why he fights for in order to create some kind of sense why he fights in order to get strength to carry on or to make some kind of sense without shooting his head off in a mad situations soldiers faces at wars but many times that happens also by creating an alternative reality and then later little later (when he must) explaining others little more colorized story ‘Why we’re fighting for’ in order to maintaining acceptance of others – and in order to avoid condemning, verdict pronounced by others. This is something what we humans have learned from since we were kids – from adults. When kids comes to this word they do not have need for lying. It’s the world of “decency” and “dignity” – created by corrupted and ignorant adults – from which kids adopts a models in a world where hypocrisy, arrogance, greed, ignorance and stupidity is embraced. Nobody who is selfish, arrogant and violent and violates basic rules of what’s right and wrong’ – do not want to become condemned at the front of eyes of others. And when this happens, then a moment follows, a scene where hypocrisy arises at stage and where hypocrisy comes out of mouths of evil, or wrong doers. Hypocrisy is many times present during both of these events when stories are explained…

….So…War, mostly Hitlers version of ‘War on with Terror ‘ took dad from my mom – and it affected to her during all of her life. She felt all her life-like she was like forgotten, abandoned… like a not wanted child.

After WWII our State police VALPO (currently fascist terrorist org. SUPO) was occupied short timely by Communists which tried to put my Finnish-German mom and my Finnish Grandmother to one Internment camp in Riihimäki (City in Finland) which Communist occupiers established in here for those who had relations with Germans (even Germany wasn’t occupier in Germany but supporting ‘ally’ against Invader USSR /and deceiving ally: Molotov-Rippentrop deception – which secret details Finns didn’t knew during Winter War and Contitutional war – but only afterward). This issue was revealed to Finnish audience couple years after millennium (2003 if I remember correctly). I guess this was why couple years after 1945 my Grandmother send my mom to several locations. And she herself also lived in several places during those days. Communist occupiers idea was also to collect all monies, and stuff (and then selling them) from captured (Finnish citizens) people who they sent to Internment camp with trains – and then sending all collected money to Moscow.

My Finnish Grandfather was a very good man who he learned from horrors he saw during WWII – even our war was not actually what most of nations fought during that time, known as – WWII, because our war was a separate war between Finland and USSR and it was later also 1944 (during the short period) – a separate war between Finland and Nazi-Germany – without help of USSR and – later with help of USSR. My Finish grandfather was artillery Corporal who during serving in Finish Army was sent to Contitutional war to our effort to take back lands – (totalitarian form of) communist terrorists took from us at the first place. This was several years after Stalin and USSR staged a false flag terrorist attack – by Shelling of Mainila, and then blaming Finns for that – in order to get ‘Casus belli’ for (in reality) – a War of aggression. Only shortly after we Finns – among our government said NO to Stalin and his ‘give us your land areas for free’ area demands. Then USSR Communists and ‘Stalinists’ terrorism also named: Winter War followed. And we were naturally called Terrorists by Soviets. You know… that old ‘OSAMA FINN LADEN’* story 😀 ….just like in NEUORDNUNG (Hitler’s version of New Order/pre-New World Order) Polish were called a terrorists just couple month before that – by Nazi-Fascists who orchestrated a ‘Gleiwitz incident’ with Heinrich Himmler’s (pre-Dick Cheney like torturer, concentration camps lover & nazi war criminal) Waffen SS/Sicherheitsdienst (SD) operation – Operation Himmler**. And right after that (a day after that) with lies and Speech*** of pre-Bush: Adolf Hitler – INVASION of POLAND (Fall Weiß /Case White ****) followed. Blitzkrieg started and troops which had been already days in forest and elsewhere near border of Poland started to roll over land and people of Poland. And later Soviet troops of Stalin from USSR also participated o this act of terrorism (war with lies/terrorism: War on aggression) called INVASION of POLAND. ‘War on with terror’ had begun – and hell and world in flames followed.

* Like Bin laden and Taleban Denied and told Americans and world by not being part of 9/11/2001 right after attacks’ – We told also to another REAL Terrorist state named: USSR – that weren’t behind ‘Shelling of Mainila’ terrorist attacks.

# Taliban Says – Osama bin Laden and Taleban NOT behind 9/11/2001 Attacks!

CNN NEWS: September 11, 2001, 03:27

# Taliban denies Osama bin Laden Involvement on September 11 Attack!

NBC NEWS: September 11, 2001, 13:24

# Bin Laden says he wasn’t behind attacks.

LOCATION: DOHA, Qatar – In a statement issued to the Arabic satellite channel Al Jazeera

CNN: September 17, 2001 Posted: 11:21 AM EDT (1521 GMT)

# Taleban denies bin Laden responsible (September 11 2001 Attacks in USA)

BBC NEWS: Tuesday, 11 September, 2001, 16:36 GMT 17:36 UK

# Bin Laden denies committing US attacks (September 11 2001 Attacks in USA)

REUTERS/.CNET,com: Wednesday, September 12, 2001 01:13 PM

# Bin Laden ‘denies’ Yemen blast (October 12, 2000 Attacks on USS Cole in Aden, Yemen)

BBC NEWS: Monday, 13 November, 2000, 17:14 GMT

# Taliban Deny Training Times Square Car Bomber May 06, 2010 MSNBC Keith Olbermann

Al-Qaida denies its involvement related to

on 28th of Arpil happened bomb explosion in Marrakesh, Marocco.

SOURCE: APF / 7th of may 2011

** 1939 version of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) lies: Iraq Sanction genocide (1991-2003) + Iraq war (2003-) + Iran War (2004-) by NeoCon Nazi-Fascists and Neo-Fascist terrorist states in New World Order (NWO).

*** Adolf Hitler’s version of G.W. BUllSHit’s version of State of Union Adress 2003

**** Old Nazi-Fascist Terrorists (with WMDs/people like NeoCons) – version of: Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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